Links 6/24/15

Links for you. Science:

New Report: ‘Wells Report Wouldn’t Be Allowed in a High School Science Fair’
Deflategate favored foul play over science
Mass Media and the Contagion of Fear: The Case of Ebola in America
Population genomics of Klebsiella


Black Voices: Bernie Sanders Should Address Racial Injustice
Red State, Blue State: Kansas and Washington
“When I was your age, there used to be conservatives who were actually conservative.”
Pope Francis Says Weapons Manufacturers Shouldn’t Call Themselves Christians
I love white people. Seriously!
Jeb Bush doesn’t get D.C. Here’s what he should know if he wants to live here.
The story line Metro developed after 2009 crash has unraveled
Blight of fancy: D.C. starts to feel like ‘Mad Max’ amid constant construction
How long will we let conservatives write off Republican racism as a coincidence?
Treason In Defense Of Slavery
Women’s World Cup 2015: Norway women make spoof documentary
Museum Square Tenants Will Rally To Save Housing Today (the rent control vs. free housing market dichotomy is stupid. The choice is between lots of regulations, some of which help lower-income people versus lots of regulations, which screw over lower-income people)
There’s a growing feeling that standardized tests are taking time from instruction
What This Cruel War Was Over: The meaning of the Confederate flag is best discerned in the words of those who bore it.

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