Links 6/19/15

Links for you. Science:

Hoss Cartwright from Bonanza rocks the science world by joining many editorial boards
The first rule of Tim Hunt is… (excellent)
Another attempt to defund AHRQ (Death panels! ZOMG!)
Vulnerability made us human: how our early ancestors turned disability into advantage (not sure what to make of this; the underlying article is so-so)
Are women still at a disadvantage in science? (excellent)


The Decline and Fall of American Public Space as Shown in #BlackLivesMatter Tweets (very interesting)
If Elizabeth Warren Is Already Angry at Mary Jo White, Wait Until She Hears About This
Bernie Sanders Is Building an Army to Take D.C.
What’s Actually in the Magna Carta?
Study of Nazi education finds some people never shed hatred, convictions taught at young age
Bernie Sanders’s Family-Friendly Agenda Crushes the Competition
Elon Musk has received billions in subsidies
The Long, Hot Summer Ahead For D.C.’s Homeless Children
The Paranoia of Police Unions: With departments facing scrutiny across the nation, police unions are lashing out at the cities they serve.
A craze in the keeper community
The Tenure Apocalypse: “Jobs for life” are rare and mostly fictitious. Attacks on them obscure the real problems of higher ed.
The New Abortion Economy: Conservative legislatures haven’t just restricted abortion. They’ve forced the creation of an abortion charity system where dollars are increasingly funneled from private donors in blue states to low-income women red ones.
Poor people rely on public defenders who are too overworked to defend them
The Cuban Internet Crisis
Must police ‘run amok’ to preserve justice?
It Really Happened Romo Departs Adams Morgan – “Thanks for the Memories”

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