Links 6/17/15

Links for you. Science:

Just a Second: The leap second may be a ticking time bomb.
Microbiologists discover 35 new groups of bacteria in Colorado
Raging fires, high temps kept big dinosaurs out of North America for millions of years
The Real Lesson of the Stanford Prison Experiment


The Little Boy Who Should’ve Vanished, But Didn’t
Why the FDA’s new ban on trans fats may be most important change in our food supply ever
Don’t Know Nothing
Arizona’s Teacher Desert
Is Texas Preparing For Secession?
Stop “Defending” Music Education
The Power of Landlords: Despite the aims of federal housing policy, segregation persists—in part because it’s in the interests of those who own property in the poorest neighborhoods.
Ex-White House Staffer Who Invoked Genocide to Sell a War Is Now Helping Cover One Up
How a new generation of activists is trying to make abortion normal
Los Angeles Confronts a Spike in Homelessness Amid Prosperity
The problem with “Unbelievable”
We’ve gained nearly 30 pounds since the 1960s
The White Elephant of Rucheni
The Tyranny of Planned Obsolescence
The Pharaohs Of Silicon Valley: My Journey Through Google Headquarters (funny)

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