Did Vaccination Just Become a Partisan Issue?

If California is any indication, the answer, tragically, is yes (boldface mine):

many states have since taken up legislation to make it harder for parents to skip vaccines.

One such bill in California, SB 277, would remove the “personal belief exemption” that currently allows parents who oppose vaccines wholesale to avoid getting their children immunized. The opt-out rate in California, based largely on misinformation about the supposed link between vaccines and conditions like autism, has doubled in the past seven years. In one Berkeley kindergarten, for instance, the personal belief exemption is so widely used that 7 in 8 children aren’t vaccinated.

According to State Assembly GOP Leader Kristin Olsen, however, the idea of requiring vaccinations for children in public and private schools “erodes parental rights.” In an interview on the Broeske & Musson radio program last week, Olsen declared that, despite the Disneyland outbreak, “there’s really no need for this bill whatsoever,” dismissing it as an “emotional reaction” to a “one-time incident.”

Sure, she’s the Republican Assembly Leader, but maybe this is just her solitary opinion? Right? (Please?)

Nope. In the CA Senate, only two of the eleven nay votes were cast by Democrats, while nine of fourteen Republicans cast nay votes.

While the bill passed, the political polarization of one of the most successful medical interventions ever invented does not bode well for the nation’s health.

This could be a disaster in the making. Conservatives, you need to fix this. Now.

Once and for all, can we kill off the notion that anti-vaccinationism is a liberal failing. We now have, as a matter of legislative record, the conservative members of the Senate of the world’s eight largest economy opposing mandatory childhood vaccination.

Compulsive Centrist Disorder notwithstanding, both sides do not “do it.” One side did.

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2 Responses to Did Vaccination Just Become a Partisan Issue?

  1. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    “erodes parental rights.”

    The notion of “parental rights” runs counter to the notion that children, or even fetuses, have rights of their own.

  2. ShortWoman says:

    One time incident? Sure, where 1 = 147.

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