Links 6/7/15

Links for you. Science:

Unpaid research jobs draw criticism
Online hookup sites increase HIV rates in sometimes surprising ways
Real time genomic surveillance of Ebola outbreak 2014 2015
Federal scientists say there never was any global warming “pause”
DNA blood test can identify every virus you have ever had


Kids these days! (excellent)
Bernie Sanders didn’t mention the right things in his announcement speech
Why Your Beauty Salon Likely Doesn’t Have Any Employees (the quality of life for the gentry class relies on and requires this sort of exploitation)
Time for a Teaching-Intensive Tenure Track
Rick Perry’s Constitution
Scientists dismissed “hot streaks” in sports for decades. They were wrong. (not to be churlish, but “scientists” should be replaced with “a pair of economists”)
Bottom line for mental health services (how non-U.S.-ians view U.S. healthcare)
Modernity and Muslims Encroach on Unique Tribe in Pakistan: Kalash people’s free mixing of the sexes and use of alcohol are anathema to many of its neighbors
For the love of God, rich people, stop giving Harvard money
It’s Time to Let Edward Snowden Come Home
I was a liberal adjunct professor. My liberal students didn’t scare me at all.
Wikileaks Drops Another Damning Trove Of Secret Trade Deal Documents (and it goes almost entirely unnoticed by mainstream media)
Just How Great a Threat Is China?
Caitlyn and Kristen are shaking it up
The TSA Doesn’t Work—and Never Has
When a School Board Victimizes Kids
No One Who Hasn’t Sold Their Soul Can Afford a Home in London
The inside story of how the Clintons built a $2 billion global empire

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