Links 6/6/15

Links for you. Science:

Why humans are the fat primate
Stop killing grandma with kindness
Pentagon’s anthrax scandal spreads to Canada
Playing a Game Rigged Against You
Researchers Find Textbook-Altering Link Between Brain, Immune System


How a curmudgeonly old reporter exposed the FIFA scandal that toppled Sepp Blatter
I’m a liberal professor, and I’m not afraid of students who question me
After two decades in jail, returning to society is no small feat
How mainstream is Bernie Sanders?
In Defense of Paul Ehrlich
How Congress Killed One of the Few Lifelines for Former Prisoners — And Why It’s Time to Bring It Back (note the last paragraph)
What would Denny Crane think? Boston Legal building to lose plaza to make way for shops, offices
Why Groceries Cost Less in Big Cities (the context is that cost of living is really driven by housing prices, not food)
Oakridge Elementary Gets Desks With Pedals to Help Fidgety Kids Learn
Unions Subdued, Scott Walker Turns to Tenure at Wisconsin Colleges (“Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Trade Unionist.” Actually, because too many upper-middle and gentry class faculty think they’re better than people)
GE threatens to leave Connecticut
All in the family
What Would Happen If All Our Satellites Were Suddenly Destroyed?
O’Malley Once Urged Move to Center
How Mainstream is Bernie Sanders?
Religious Leaders Urge U.S. to Fund Abortions for Rape Victims in Conflicts Abroad
Missing artworks were misfiled, library officials say: Boston Public Library prints discovered 80 feet from their proper place
The Paper Chase

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  1. Chris G says:

    Re What Would Happen If All Our Satellites Were Suddenly Destroyed?, snuffing satellites and ground stations will be an early stage “preparing the battlefield” operation of any future large-scale international conflict.

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