Links 6/3/15

Links for you. Science:

Holding Your Breath in India
Scientists Have Finally Figured Out Why Swiss Cheese Has Holes
Six reasons the blanket octopus is my new favorite cephalopod
John Lott as possible template for future career of “Bruno” Lacour
From an email I just sent to a reporter asking about how to evaluate potential human genetics stories


The Hypocrisy of the Internet Journalist: I’m selling you out as hard as I can, and I’m sorry. (must-read)
If You Redefine “Performance,” Magical Things Happen
Why is Obama Goading China?
Those old terrorist tendencies: Colby Cosh on what we can learn from the rash of terrorism in the 19th century
Expect little, and you will be rewarded: Part Four
Baltimore, Wilmington, Philly, and Newark — Inside the Forgotten Corridor
Inside NSA, Officials Privately Criticize “Collect It All” Surveillance
Bed bugs take over famous city synagogue causing shut down
If You Like Social Security and Minimum Wage, Thank Frances Perkins
It’s time for the media to admit that Hillary Clinton is popular
Let’s Take This Open Floor Plan to the Next Level.
Why the GOP loses if the Obamacare lawsuit wins (I still find it amazing that Southern politicians are so willing to destroy a Keynesian stimulus that directly benefits their own states)
Robert Samuelson Does Battle With the Bureau of Labor Statistics (the addendum is key)
Racial Penalties in Baltimore Mortgages
Amazon Adds Free Same-Day Prime Delivery To D.C.—Well, Certain Parts of D.C. (guess what the racial composition of the non-delivery parts is!)
F-bombs, shouting: Uncivil discourse on Boston’s Olympic bid

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2 Responses to Links 6/3/15

  1. kevskos says:

    I’ll believe the Swiss cheese story after it has been peer reviewed. The BBC article on this yesterday noted that the article had not been peer reviewed. I am not giving up on an almost 100 year old theory that has been tested for a none tested one.

  2. Wendy says:

    Dairy farmers in the US havent used buckets for milking in many decades. Bulk tank collection from automatic milkers has been required by most if not all dairy operations for at least a couple decades after discontinuing pick up from farmers using milk cans filled from automatic milkers. (I have relatives in rural MN who had to put up a milking parlor with a pipeline system at great expense for just this reason a very long time ago.)

    Most likely hay particles would be considered a contaminant in and of themselves; much less the bacteria and other nasties they would carry. Dairy co-ops are very fussy about these sorts of things.

    And last I knew, US swiss cheese makers still made cheese with holes. So call me a skeptic too.

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