That’s A Lot of Office Space

In an excellent article about the ongoing ginormousness of the ‘Defense Department’, we stumble across this little factoid:

If you happen to peruse the latest Base Structure Report (on the off-chance you haven’t yet), you’ll read that the Department of Defense occupies a stunning 284,458 buildings around the world, totalling over 2.2 billion square feet. It also controls 24.7 million acres of land, an area about the size of Virginia.

To put 2.2 billion square feet in context, the total amount of office space in Manhattan is around 520 million square feet.

That’s a lot of office space.

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1 Response to That’s A Lot of Office Space

  1. Kengi says:

    A lot of that space is in housing (family housing as well as troop housing), maintenance, and production, supply, and training. Looks like 268.9 million square feet are used for “administrative” purposes. So, we could fit all of the DoD administrative staff in Manhattan and still have plenty of room for some lawyers offices. No need to worry about running out of space yet.

    But wow, that’s still a large number, no matter how it’s broken down.

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