Links 5/14/15

Links for you. Science:

After Nearly Claiming His Life, Ebola Lurked in a Doctor’s Eye
Why doesn’t Science publish important methods info prominently?
Some depressing NSF DEB stats
New Loki Microbe is Closest Relative to All Complex Life
Measles Vaccine Reduces Deaths From Other Diseases


Cops tired of white people scared of black neighbors
Who Has Been Saved?
The Foreclosure Crisis Caused a Great Migration in Miniature
I Don’t Think David Brooks Is Okay, You Guys
Not So Free in Muskogee
New Old South Tower project from Boylston St., 1932
Advil vs. Tylenol. Which to Use, and When
Arresting Homeless People For Being Homeless Is Unbelievably Wasteful
The existential crisis of Labour-type political parties
New Teacher Attrition And The Recession
The 10 biggest lies you’ve been told about the Trans-Pacific Partnership
Nepal’s Dream Library Has Been Partially Destroyed
With Capitol Crossing Groundbreaking, a Scar Finally Begins to Heal (all urban freeways should be put underground)
The Loneliness of Sy Hersh
New Balance Bought Its Own Commuter Rail Station
Dear Idiots On My Facebook Feed: Here’s Why Calling for Protests Over Slain Cops Makes No Sense

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