Links 5/11/15

Links for you. Science:

We asked, NSF answered: per-PI success rates at the NSF DEB
Rare African plant signals diamonds beneath the soil (species extinction in 3..2..1…)
The Dingoes Ate My Kitten
Life Finds a Way: How will Japan’s new volcanic island turn green?
xckd nails it


Is Montessori The Origin Of Google & Amazon? (I don’t buy it, but if we’re going to laud isolated instances of small schools that have good records, why the hell not?)
In 1968, this brochure is how people learned about Metro
Overkill: An avalanche of unnecessary medical care is harming patients physically and financially. What can we do about it?
Louisburg Square, Beacon Hill, Boston, 1930
Leaving New York and Also Technology
How Some Men Fake an 80-Hour Workweek, and Why It Matters
Former Ladue Police Chief alleges he was ordered to profile black motorists
D.C.’s Infant Mortality Rate: An “International Embarrassment”?
Ride More Often
The Questions People Asked Advice Columnists in the 1690s
The Day After: Neve Gordon on the IDF’s new tactics
Va. attorney general gives abortion rights advocates a boost
In Texas attack, a lesson on how extremists thrive
Nigeria: Boko Haram – 214 Rescued Girls Pregnant – UNFPA
In a changing D.C., Martha’s Table plans a $20 million move to Southeast (charities don’t need to operate in gentrified neighborhoods…)
Slimmed-down vision for Dupont Underground to open in July

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  1. Sue says:

    My kids attend a Montessori school where the directress constantly brings up famous Montessori grads. It really puts me off. The school works for my kids, but I really don’t want them turning into Jeff Bezos.

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