Links 5/4/15

Links for you. Science:

It’s a man’s world — for one peer reviewer, at least
House GOP Wants to Eviscerate NASA Earth Sciences in New Budget
On “stamp collecting” in ecology
You’re Worrying About the Wrong Bees


How drunk sports fans helped spark Saturday night’s post-protest violence
This school in Norway abandoned teaching subjects 40 years ago
The perfect amount of homework is just one hour per day
Metro’s Federal Funding Slashed In Half In House Subcommittee (this is a giant ‘fuck you’ from Republicans to the federal workforce, among other things)
Far from tolls, New York gathers location data through E-ZPass
D.C. developer bets big on apartments with shared eating spaces (this is a great building; not sure about the potential use–I think there’s a market for larger apartments)
Baltimore Been Burning
Education Reformer Jeanne Allen Says Baltimore Riots Are A Call For More Charter Schools
The Latest Kentucky Riot Is Part Of A Long, Destructive Sports Tradition
Boo-Boos in Paradise (in light of Brooks’ most recent mininum opus, reviews of his great work are in order)
Nobody Famous: What it’s like to have the social network of a celebrity, without actually being famous
The Most Diverse Cities Are Often The Most Segregated
Give ‘Em Hell, Bernie: Bernie Sanders is more serious than you think
Pirate Captain Kidd’s treasure may be buried under Logan Airport
1 in 4 renters use half their pay for housing
A Ground-Level View of Baltimore’s Protests: Hope, Anger, and Beauty

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