Links 4/16/15

Links for you. Science:

Land Bridge Linking Americas Rose Earlier Than Thought (this is really important)
Urban Ants Love Junk Food, Too
Genomics of microbial plasmids: classification and identification based on replication and transfer systems and host taxonomy
Wanted: staff-scientist positions for postdocs. Nature readers favour creating more secure jobs to fix science’s broken postdoctoral system.
Astronomers Clash Over A Giant Telescope On A Sacred Hawaiian Mountain


Left flank critique of Hillary Clinton: On Wall Street ties
There Are No Abortion Cakes
New “Causal” Evidence in Support of VAMs
Former Republican Says No One Who Voted for the Iraq War Should Be President—Including Hillary Clinton (problem is Chafee is mediocre at best on economic issues; not a real option)
Darren Sharper May Have Penis Monitored As Part Of Probation, Report Says (sounds like phrenology of the penis to me)
Rand Paul Loves Big Government
The Tsarnaev Verdict: What We Still Don’t Know About Terrorism
What You Can Do Right Now About Police Brutality
Boston not alone in public opposition to Olympics: Evident in European cities as well
When Cops Cry Wolf: Police have been setting up suspects with false testimony for decades. Is anyone going to believe them now when they tell the truth?
The End of the Humanities Seminar
The Invisibility of Class, and the Hegemony of Conservative Ideas, in Contemporary America
Is Standardized Testing a Civil Right?
Americans’ views on abortion complex, but focused on understanding for women
For all the hype over quantified self, sometimes the old answers are still the best
What Will Be the Legacy of Today’s School ‘Reforms’?
No, the US government is not about to kill Pandora

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    Mikethemalignantmotherfuck sodomizes his dog with a sacred telescope.

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