Links 4/8/15

Links for you. Science:

How Big Vaping is misinforming the public about e-cigarettes
The Indiana HIV Crisis Didn’t Have to Happen (no, it didn’t)
Surrogate Science: The Idol of a Universal Method for Scientific Inference
Who do you think you are?


The breathtaking beauty of Yemen, a war-torn land
When Your Occupation Is Poverty
The real reason research blaming black poverty on black culture has fallen out of favor
Lesser-Evilism You Can Believe In: The President Is A Thing, Not A Person
Erase arbitrary boundaries to build a greater St. Louis
The war against humanities at Britain’s universities
I Saw My Admissions Files Before Yale Destroyed Them
Metro’s 17-Foot Long “Experimental Station”
The Only Truly Compliant, Submissive Citizen In A Police State Is A Dead One
Aaron Schock’s downfall tells us we need to look at political spending as well as giving
Scientology’s Vanished Queen
Can the United States Own Up to Its War Crimes During the Korean War?
The Pope Is a Christian!

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2 Responses to Links 4/8/15

  1. Jim Sweeney says:

    I thought “Surrogate Science” was excellent. Extremely well written. Thanks!

  2. Jim Sweeney says:

    Concerning vapor:

    I switched from cigarettes about a year and a half ago. I consider it an immense improvement, as do my friends, family and dental hygienist. Although I remain happily addicted to nicotine, my incisors are no longer stained black, my odor no longer announces me when I walk in the door, my sense of smell has become more acute (a somewhat mixed benefit) and I’m no longer alarmed by my breathing.

    There’s no reason to suppose the practice of inhaling a mixture of nicotine, glycol and flavors is safe, but there is reason to think it’s less hazardous than smoking: it lacks combustion products like carbon monoxide and particulates.

    Big Tobacco may be promoting their versions of e-cigarettes, but although I see them in convenience stores I don’t see them on the street in Laguna Beach. Instead, people use a variety of cartomizers, some of which allow voluptuaries to emit enormous volumes of vapor.

    The absence of standardization, the small scale of manufacturing and variability of quality control is going to make it difficult to characterize what these devices deliver. I’ve settled on one apparatus and one flavor of liquid, but the replacement coils vary between 1.8 and 2.5Ω and the color of the liquid ranges between straw yellow and honey brown. The experience is nonetheless fairly consistent.

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