Links 4/6/15

Links for you. Science:

The Arctic climate threat that nobody’s even talking about yet
The Corrections: Fixing Jonathan Franzen’s Deeply Flawed New Yorker Climate Article (a little unfair; Franzen’s point, in part, was that there’s something to be said for tangible goals)
NSF Graduate Fellowships are a part of the problem
Mice sing just like birds, but we can’t hear them
Marijuana gears up for production high in US labs: Researchers will score more-powerful varieties of the drug courtesy of the National Institute on Drug Abuse.


After a story is published, a minimum wage worker loses her job (file under why we need unions)
David Brooks Is Mistaking Poverty’s Symptoms For Its Causes
Schools Plan Massive Layoffs After Scott Walker Guts Funding
Tor reportedly hires Verizon’s PR firm to fight back against Pando’s reporting
For The Only LGBT Gang In America, Fashion Is Survival
What Do Conservatives Want When They Say “I Want My Country Back?” (it’s the Palinism, stupid)
Is the tug of war on education policy between liberal “reform proponents” and the unions, as the NY Times argues, or the 1% and nearly everyone else?
Finland’s Schools Are Overhauling The Way They Do Things. Here’s How
As Gentrification Persists in San Francisco, Evictions Take New Forms
More on Biden and the Jews: A Response to Critics of My Salon Column
My Difficult, Revelatory Three Days of Eating Like Beyoncé
Meet the man whose utopian vision for the Internet conquered, and then warped, Silicon Valley
The Lost Purpose of School Reform
The Firing of This Minimum Wage Worker Reveals Why We Need More Labor Reporting
Regent Cashin of New York Speaks Out Against High-Stakes Testing
Revolving Door Of Teachers Costs Schools Billions Every Year
Theocracy Versus Democracy: How the reckless Hobby Lobby decision has excited the imagination of the right wing.
NY: Teachers Can Go To Hell, With a Heavy Heart

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