Links 4/5/15

Links for you. Science:

Pipette Tip Personalities
American companies are investing way less in science than they used to
The Spandrels Of San Marco Revisited: An Interview With Richard C. Lewontin
It’s Time to Overhaul the Funding of Ocean Science
Oceana Study Uncovers Massive Crab Cake Fraud in D.C. Area


Gary Dahl, Inventor of the Pet Rock, Dies at 78
Back In My Day
Pizza and Progressives (excellent)
Cruz’s cunning plan
Spence Jackson’s note: `I can’t take being unemployed again’
Why a G.O.P. Gambit Backfired in Indiana
Postal Banking: Charles Lane Edition
We Should Have a Better Condom by Now. Here’s Why We Don’t.
Outraged Owls
D.C. Council member proposes raising smoking age to 21, banning powdered alcohol
David Brooks Would Like You To Lower Your Voice: In which David Brooks would like gay people to lower their voices
Beyond Thiel: Google, Microsoft, and the other big tech firms funding ultraconservative Ted Cruz
Abortion isn’t a life-altering decision. But childbirth is.
‘Pong’ Meets ‘Space Invaders’ Meets ‘Pacman’ and It Actually Works
Federal Judge Says U.S. Must Release Abu Ghraib Photos
Evangelical Liberty University received half a billion dollars in federal aid money: One conservative college got more government cash than NPR last year

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