Links April Fools Day

But these links are real. Science:

Anti-herpes drug to treat HIV?
A Defense of ENCODE_NIH by Tom, Dick and Moron @FedericoBoem @em_rattiphilsci
​Scientists Want to Mine Our Poop for Gold
The Most Beautiful Animal You’ve Never Seen: How the $20 billion illegal animal trade has pushed the saola—and countless other species—to the brink of extinction.
Science Fairs Aren’t So Fair: These K-12 events are hardly more than a competition among over-involved parents.


Dead Argentine prosecutor was zeroing in on a terror threat to the entire Western Hemisphere (I’m shocked that a former Peronist sympathizer, Kirchner, would choose oil over justice for her Jewish citizens. Really I am…)
Greece’s Golden Dawn: Fascists at the Gate (speaking of fascists, as I’ve noted before, this is the great failure of the politics of austerity)
The Boston Olympics Con Job: Boston’s decision to bid for the 2024 Olympics was made with little regard for public interest
An Economist Explains Why College Athletes Should Be Paid
The Real Story Behind the Republicans’ Iran Letter
‘You’re Not a Commodity, You’re a Person.’ How Chris Borland Has Reframed the Football Debate
One Restaurant Already Celebrated ‘Religious Liberty’ By Turning Away Gays
Remembering Those Murdered At Oscar Romero’s Funeral
DripDrop is a rare startup that actually saves lives
Ted Cruz can’t be hashtagged away
How California Voters Got So Smart on Crime: Reform advocates are making a compelling case for policies that take aim at mass incarceration.
The So-Called Religious Freedom of Indiana
Georgia Legislators Admit It: “Religious Liberty” Bill Is About Anti-Gay Discrimination
FAQ: So Your Company Has Been Found Using Alex’s Photographs Without Permission. What Next?

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3 Responses to Links April Fools Day

  1. colnago80 says:

    Citing an article by notorious Israel basher Gareth Porter, a shill for the ayatollahs, is really beyond the pale. Porter is right up there with Glenn Greenwald, Max Blumenthal, and Noam Chomsky in the Israel bashing community. For shame.

  2. colnago80 says:

    Forgot to include link to an article discrediting Porter in my previous comment.

  3. Gabe says:

    Be careful with how the international press treats the Nisman case, Mike. They often cite Veja, a Brazilian magazine of questionable reputation and ignore the complexity and confusion inherent to Argentinian politics. In a country where rising above your peers is a sacred duty, no matter the cost, and where incompetence reigns supreme, it’s advisable to keep a healthy skepticism when it comes to clear-cut grand narratives aimed at high echelon politicians. Besides, the full story has being going for a long time. A very long time indeed.

    It’s a shame we will never know what really happened there.

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