Links 3/22/15

Links for you. Science:

To Apply or Not to Apply: A Survey Analysis of Grant Writing Costs and Benefits
“In general I think these literatures have too much focus on data analysis and not enough on data collection.”
Genes linked to autism may also make people smarter
The melting of Antarctica was already really bad. It just got worse.
Rapid blood test to ‘cut antibiotic use’ (thought there’s long history of such developments that don’t amount to much)


The Big Dick School of American Patriotism, and What We Make of It
Activist allegedly tried to bait protesters with ‘kill cops’ script
Mickey Kaus quits Daily Caller after Tucker Carlson pulls critical Fox News column
Rahm Emanuel’s Housing Agency Sitting On Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars With Massive Waitlist
These Republicans Want to Take Away Your Weekend
Class and the Classroom: How Elite Universities Are Hurting America
A Scott Walker aide resigned for bashing the Iowa caucuses. She’s right: they’re the worst.
The most important thing you need to know about the Israeli election
Union Says Streetcar Workers Were Fired For Organizing
My cat fell asleep in my salad (perfectly good use of a salad as far as I’m concerned)
Forget baby pandas: Andean bears are the best at being bears
H Street NE May Not Need the Streetcar. Benning Road Does.
Title Bout: How Eugene “Thunder” Hughes and his boxing gym have outlasted decades of change on 14th Street
My Stake In the 2016 Election Is Way More Personal Than Usual
Bill Black: What Does it Take to Get Fired from the SEC?
An anchor for generations of children says goodbye after 50 years

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