Links 3/19/15

Links for you. Science:

Rembrandt’s monkey: good news for Africa’s newest primate
The hidden cost of Ebola: thousands of measles deaths
An Impending Shakeout In Library Prep?
The antivaccine movement wins in Oregon: Senate Bill 442 is dead
ISMapper: Identifying insertion sequences in bacterial genomes from short read sequence data


Purple Reign: The unmaking of a Yahoo (absolute must-read)
Should a Criminal Record Be a Life Sentence to Poverty? New legislation in the Senate is a first step to giving the more than 70 million Americans with criminal records a second chance.
Douthat: “These trends simply do not match the left-wing depiction of a working class devastated by Reagonomics.” (rebuttal in one figure)
Is Venezuela Really an ‘Extraordinary Threat’ to the United States? (can we have a ‘most unfavored dickhead’ status?)
When Men Want Kids — and Women Aren’t So Sure (I’m not sure this is a trend as much as a formerly taboo topic)
It’s Not Just Ferguson: Cities nationwide are criminalizing black people to pay the bills.
A bold plan in Prince George’s
Is the PARCC Really Worth All This Bother?
“An Infinite Regress. Of Dumb”: More Reflections on “Market Efficiency”
For high-end apartments in the Washington area, signs of a renters market
No Plan
The Revolution Will Probably Wear Mom Jeans
“Pissed Off Rednecks Like Me” is a racist song. There’s no way around it.
Street art in Wynwood, Miami
Ferguson an Apartheid Police State; 21,000 residents w/ a staggering 16,000 open arrest warrants
Fight Inequality: Abolish the Senate
Does the pro-TPP “Progressive Coalition for American Jobs” Exist as an Organization?

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  1. David Taylor, MD says:

    Hey Mike — I like your Boston ducks, but your Georgetown photos and the WAPO article on PG county lead me to the brilliant deduction that you’re one of us in the DC area now… Welcome.

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