Links 3/17/15

Links for you. Science:

3,000 year-old tomb of ancient Egyptian nobleman discovered in Luxor
How the Penguin Got Its Waddle
Lawsuits Say Protein Powders Lack Protein, Ripping Off Athletes (MAXIMUM TURBO POWER BOOST! What silly names)
Will the iPhone transform medicine? The FDA may have something to say. Technology may be disruptive, but medical devices are regulated.
#antibiotics : somebody should do something


The conservative obsession with moral values doesn’t explain the plight of the working poor (excellent)
None dare call it treason. It’s just Republicans doing business as usual.
Why the Fringe Fundamentalist Belief in Demonic Possession Has Real-Life Dangers
But Is Hillary Ready for Us?
The Child Poverty Rate For Married Families Is Extremely High
Quiz: North Korean Slogan or TED Talk Sound Bite?
Offline and out of touch in the Senate
Tom Cotton’s tough love: rolling back the clock on child labor laws
Why This State Representative Revealed Her Sexual Assault While Testifying on an Abortion Bill: “We should not have to bare that part of our lives in such a public way to be able to access legal medical care.”
Another very short essay: First draft of history my eye
The NYPD Is Editing the Wikipedia Pages of Eric Garner, Sean Bell
Check out DC’s charming but incomprehensible 1975 bus map
Death of a Cemetery: Mt. Zion’s Disrepair
The Wet Wipes Box Says Flush, but the New York City Sewer System Says Don’t
In America, There’s No Such Thing as Black Innocence: Cleveland’s Tamir Rice is the New Emmett Till

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