Links 3/8/15

Links for you. Science:

Having and Fighting Ebola — Public Health Lessons from a Clinician Turned Patient
Tools for bacterial comparative genomics
Hope from the Deeps for Coral Reefs
Evolutionist Loses It As Colleague Conflates Homology and Similarity Yet Again
Ebola czar — “This thing isn’t over yet.” And the next pandemic could be even worse.


Common Core SBAC Test Designed to ID 9 in 10 Special Education Children as Failures
Charter Members: A School Reform Nightmare. If you run a modern school like a modern American corporation, you’ll likely be treated accordingly.
Signs of intelligent life in the economics profession
Idiot Republican Remembers Leonard Nimoy As Best Republican EVER!
Good Luck, Wisconsin, You’ve Got A Classic Authoritarian Governor (prescient)
The Watchdogs: CPS a profitable investment for Chicago Board of Ed member
An 8-year-old girl receives gifts from the crows she feeds
Hillary Finds A Rake To Step On: The First Clinton Bombshell
Gov. Andrew Cuomo and baloney
Charter schools do not equal education reform
Go Ahead and Call Bill O’Reilly What He Is: A Pathological Liar
Why Don’t Men Kick Each Other in the Balls? (for the record, I have no problem doing this)
Matthew Shepard and the gatekeepers of gay orthodoxy
The unfulfilled promise of tax credits as economic policy
A City Where Policing, Discrimination and Raising Revenue Went Hand in Hand
Would you call 911 on another parent?
Worker’s Fights
The Obamacare Fight Has Always Been About Race And Gender Anxiety

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