Links 2/24/15

Links for you. Science:

Jerry Lawson, a self-taught engineer, gave us video game cartridges
Countries Wary Of Drug-Resistant Staph Moving From Pigs To People
Science is hard: culturing problems edition
Why Do Luna Moths Have Such Absurdly Long Tails?
A Taxonomic Signature of Obesity in the Microbiome? Getting to the Guts of the Matter


Families for Excellent Schools Totally Bogus Analysis of NYC Schools
Massachusetts: Business Group Endorses Common Core Testing
Walmart Is Giving Raises. Walmart Is Feeling the Pressure.
Snowden praised for fighting government surveillance… by group that LOVES corporate surveillance
Big tech companies cause income inequality — but not in the ways you think
What Americans Keep Ignoring About Finland’s School Success
Your HR Department Hates You: How Corporate Overseers Exploit Workers
More than 1,000 Muslims form ‘peace ring’ around Oslo synagogue
If You Don’t Want Civil Disobedience, Stop Politicizing Our Schools
First Look Inside The Boston Library’s Astonishing, Colorful Renovation
Why Do Americans Feel Entitled to Tell Poor People What to Eat?
Senator Markey questions climate studies: Calls for review of links to energy companies
Is Welfare Reform Causing Earlier Deaths? (related post here)
Did Bill O’Reilly Cover Up a War Crime in El Salvador?
Does Money Matter in Education?
We Need Syriza in Illinois

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  1. dave says:

    Hello Mike, wasn’t there an article about how drugs (such as pot) were used as a way to suppress the vote in one of your links? I cant seem to find it. Could you please help me locate it?

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