Links 2/15/15

Links for you. Science:

A lot of Silicon Valley tech employees aren’t vaccinating their kids (one way to solve the income inequality problem…)
A tiny bias goes a long way when it comes to grant review
Dropping Science
Why it’s important to ask Scott Walker about evolution
Rinderpest, Measles and Medieval Emerging Infectious Diseases


At some start-ups, Friday is so casual that it’s not even a workday (excellent)
A Tale of Two Bloggers (1. Excellent; 2. Damn, I miss Steve Gilliard)
We Are Way Past Joking
Despite Problems, Boston’s MBTA Should Continue to Expand
An Open Letter to Governor Walker (liars gonna lie)
South Carolina Republican: Women are ‘a lesser cut of meat’ (this, not the few reformicons, are the base of the Republican Party)
Mulgrew Disagrees with Eva About Charter “Cherry Picking”
How Silicon Valley’s counterculture went corporate and ruined everything
My Advice To Young People
Standardized Testing: Who Profits & Who Pays (it’s not a flawless process, which should raise concerns about ‘high-stakes’ testing)
Why Is There a Religious Exemption for Vaccinations? Almost no religions object to them. (I would like someone to ask Bill Maher if he supports religious exemptions. Heh)
Springfield man steals police cruiser, taunts officers over radio as he drives around city
Snowstorms don’t need to stop Boston cold
Northern Avenue bridge closure felt by businesses, residents (this is a bad thing; fix it quickly)
Naked Came The Class Warriors
Conservative and Catholic groups urge members of Congress to overturn D.C. bills (they want the right to discriminate)
How a major newspaper bungled a vaccine story, then smeared its critics

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