Links 2/12/15

Links for you. Science:

Everything We Know About the Drug War and Addiction Is Wrong, Says Author: Johann Hari talks about some of his findings for his latest book about the war on drugs. (hopefully, it occurs to someone to get Carl Hart to review this book)
After five years, Bill Maher lets his antivaccine freak flag fly again
Cheating in science — and life
Weight Gain After Fecal Microbiota Transplantation
13 Facts About ALL That Bacteria On The NYC Subway: A team of researchers recently discovered that the NYC subway is crawling with germs. Here’s how grossed out/freaked out you should actually be. (though THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT FACT EVAH!)


The nature of a corporation and how it changed in the 1980s
Holier and healthier than thou: Republican virtue and Republican health care
Don’t Arse It Up (didn’t she learn anything from the healthcare fiasco of 1992? You don’t need hundreds of advisors)
Talking about abortion and changing minds
More Money Won’t Fix U.S. Infrastructure If We Don’t Change How It’s Spent
FAHRENHEIT K-12: ONLY MICHAEL MOORE CAN SAVE MASS PUBLIC SCHOOLS (for the live of me, I can’t figure out why MA is undertaking such a break from the past–when it had one of the best school systems in the world)
RadioShack Suffered as Free Time Evaporated: Chain Built Itself as Hub of Leisure Activities Enjoyed to a Degree Now Hard to Fathom
The Navy Fraud Fronting the Anti-Vaxxer Movement: Meet Jeffry John Aufderheide, a man who lies about his Navy career and claims vaccines contain aborted fetuses and mouse brains, and a leader of the anti-vaxx movement (any similarities to creationists are coincidental…)
Paul Ryan Visited a Bookstore Once, So I Guess I Misjudged Him
South Korean woman’s hair ‘eaten’ by robot vacuum cleaner as she slept (AND SO IT BEGINS….)
When Silencing Dissent Isn’t News
Since the U.S. Military Lost the Last Two Wars It Fought, Is There Reason to Think “Boots on the Ground” Anywhere Is a Good Idea?
22 Modern Shipping Container Homes Around the World
Recycled $1500 Shipping Containers Used to Make Stunning Off-Grid Home
The National Prayer Breakfast shouldn’t exist
The $19 Billion Theft That’s Depriving Americans of Parks and Recreation

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  1. fishtroller01 says:

    Here’s an idea, Mike: why don’t you and your 3,199,999 atheist buddies take over one of the two major parties and enact legislation outlawing the National Prayer Breakfast.

    That would stuff a cork in the mouths of the 82% of Democratic voters in the recent elections who self identify as Christian and who serve as the firewall between a number of despised minorities and the Dominionist hordes of the Right. You lot do not like to recognize this fact, but without the Left Christians running interference we actually would be living in a theocracy.

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