Links 2/6/15

Links for you. Science:

Microhyla borneensis, the second-smallest frog in the world
Pew’s disappointing use of invalid survey methods on GM food risk and perceptions
The Death of the Dinosaurs
The placebo effect is crazy
How to eradicate grey squirrels without firing a shot


Uber and the Taxi Industry’s Last Stand (very good)
An Optimist’s Guide to Political Correctness
Real Answers for Freddie deBoer
It’s Official: Deepak “I Am the Field” Chopra Is an HIV-AIDS Denialist and More Dangerous Than Faith-Healing Hucksters
Jonathan Chait and Anita Sarkeesian: What It Really Means to Be Silenced
Tea Partyers, union members, Democrats, Republicans — all love Social Security. So let’s expand it!
Crosswalk in San Francisco has Lucha Libre option
Vaccination is not a personal decision. It’s a social obligation.
Inaction and Consequences
These Mental Health Patients Are Being Neglected on an Epidemic Scale
What the Sharing Economy Takes
Illusion Motivates Education Reform
P.C. Policeman Jonathan Chait Can Dish It Out, But He Can’t Take It
How do vaccines cause autism?
Measles Vaccination: A Response From Dr. Bob Sears
Let’s make paying for college harder

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