Combat Archery: The Way It Really Was

While the star of this video is a bit absurd at times, it is interesting how combat archery was probably quite different from today’s target practice archery. Enjoy:

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4 Responses to Combat Archery: The Way It Really Was

  1. chrisj says:

    Widely debunked as the work of an excellent marketeer who is not a particularly good archer (fast, yes, good, no) and clearly knows little about either current or historical archery. See here and here, for example.

  2. Bardiac says:

    There’s a refutation video out there about this more specifically, too, but I can’t find the link right now.

    I’d be very willing to guess that combat archery is not at all what he shows, and varies greatly over time/culture with different strategies. So, if you’re using horses, you’re shooting from horseback, and you’d better have your arrow supply with you as you move. And if you’re shooting from a chariot, then you’re not hopping around, either. If you’re doing the English longbow, you depend on having a whole lot of other archers around, and you want to hit people at a great distance, depending on lots of arrows rather than aiming for a specific person. And so on.

    I think this is like the difference between trick shooting, target shooting, biathlon, sniper, combat with machine guns or muskets, and so on.

  3. gregladen says:

    The Efe Pygmies, when hunting monkeys, have a parallel but probably better method. They speed fire arrows held in the same hand as the bow, at monkeys, who are moving from tree to tree trying to get away. This requires running along the ground and shooting up the whole time. They hold the arrow on the left side of the bow, though.

  4. still_lynne says:

    Like some other comments have pointed out, this is NOT a “good example” of combat archery. It’s rubbish, and as a long-time archery enthusiast, I’m actually rather irked by some of the myths and nonsense that he’s spreading hither thither and yon with this. I’ve shot both modern recurve and traditional/primitive horsebows since I was nine, and I can assure you that there are multiple ways of achieving the same aims (hah!), but his “combat archery” is not one of them, and is nothing of the sort.

    I particularly like GeekDad’s debunking of this, as linked to by chrisj. *That* was written by someone who knows what he’s talking about.

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