Links 2/1/15

Links for you. Science:

Being Stung by the Gympie Gympie Tree Is the Worst Kind of Pain You Can Imagine
R01 Distribution for 2014 by PI and IC
This Is What Measles Actually Looks Like
$1.2 billion Requested for Antibiotic Resistance!
Origins of Disney-linked measles may never be known


Reasons You Were Not Promoted That are Totally Unrelated to Gender.
The day the Klan messed with the wrong people
Metro Must Commit Itself To a Safety Culture Now
What is Noah thinking? Part 2 (sorry Noah, Kenneth stomps ya but good)
The Negative Consequences of Car Dependency
Roger Simon Has a Sad
The Exelon-Pepco merger: Big, nuke-heavy utility looking for new ratepayers to fleece
Homeless Population at Motels Continues to Climb, at a Cost of Millions
This map visualizes the median household income by station along Washington DC’s Metro system
The Federal Reserve Board and Social Security Disability
The rise of ‘scam PACs’: Conservatives sound alarms about self-dealing fundraisers
Car-free housing could come to historic Blagden Alley
Why Do Teen Girls in America Want to Get Pregnant? (should probably be titled “Why Do Teen Girls Decide to Not Have Abortions?”)
Sidewalk Sam dies; he turned streets of Boston into his canvas

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