Links 1/31/15

Links for you. Science:

A Bug in the System: Why last night’s chicken made you sick. (must-read)
Why Did Vaccinated People Get Measles at Disneyland? Blame the Unvaccinated
Antibiotics help spread malaria
This fish lived in peace for 70 million years. Then it met the Army Corps of Engineers
Big Blizzards Have Become More Common In New York


Beyond Josh Lyman Politics: How the West Wing Miseducated My Political Generation (I stopped watching about three episodes in for this very reason)
D.C.’s Punk Music Archive
Library Visit, Then Held at Gunpoint
Sheldon Silver is on the way out, and that’s great!
It’s the economists, stupid
Clyde Prestowitz on the Destructive Effects of TPP on American Workers
Horrible Vanderbilt rape case shows how much we do have a “rape culture”
Real Time
Should tipping be abolished?
How To Sell Off a City: Welcome to Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago, the privatized metropolis of the future.
A major Democratic electoral dilemma, explained in a single graph
Fairtest: Widespread Cheating on SAT in Asia
How Data Can Make Our Cities Safer and Smarter (no mention of the groundwork laid by Menino…)

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