Links 1/12/15

Links for you. Science:

A New Antibiotic That Resists Resistance (paper here; worth noting this is only effective against MRSA and possibly VRE; does nothing to solve CRE problem. Still very promising though)
Measles vaccines confirmed safe after 12-year-study
Principal Component Analysis 4 Dummies: Eigenvectors, Eigenvalues and Dimension Reduction
Effort on Ebola Hurt W.H.O. Chief (it should)
Why You Need To Leave Academia In 2015 (negative, but there’s a point view there)


WaPo’s Courtland Milloy: D.C. Cyclists Need ‘Trails Through Wooded Areas’ (it’s like he wants to win the ‘Old Man Who Yells At Clouds’ Award, D.C. Division)
Mario Cuomo was not a “liberal beacon” (excellent)
Republicans Take Aim at Obama, Shoot Workers in the Foot (that’s a feature, not a bug)
Children say they were kicked off Metro buses while heading to school during snowstorm (people need to lose their jobs over this)
Let’s Abolish West Point: Military Academies Serve No One, Squander Millions of Tax Dollars
As Police Go Idle, So Do New York City Courts
Dumb moves that sound smart: Buying a house
Charlie Baker takes over as 72d governor of Mass. (and the slow-motion destruction of Massachusetts’ educational system continues…)
Terrorism Works
The real American Sniper was a hate-filled killer. Why are simplistic patriots treating him as a hero? (question answers itself…)
We’ll Need an Economic Program to Make #BlackLivesMatter. Here Are Three Ideas. In a country that has always used race to justify inequality, ending police brutality is just the start.
The Feds Quietly Acknowledge the Driving Boom Is Over
Why D.C. Better Hope It Wins the U.S. Olympic Bid: The city is already sticking itself with the worst downsides of hosting the games. At least this way, it would be forced to make crucial improvements (can you say “Concorde Fallacy“?)
Bridal Store Closing After Ebola Patient Link (WHEEE!!!)
Suburbs and the New American Poverty: More people with low incomes now live outside of cities, and some areas are ill-equipped to deal with the influx of the poor.

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