The Oppression of the Mansitter

It’s a shame the Men’s Right Movement, rather than focusing legitimate issues (e.g., should women typically be favored in custody battles?) has degenerated to misogyny and foolishness. Consider this MRA attempt to protect ‘man-sitting‘–where men in public places refuse to close their legs and take up more than one seat–in Toronto (boldface mine):

Men’s rights activists are worried that their right to engage in ‘manspreading’ — the act of spreading the knees wide apart when sitting — might be in danger on public transit. To that end, they’ve started a petition, in which they compare their spreading (which, according to female passengers, takes more than a fair share of space and makes seat partners uncomfortable) to a variety of other bus behaviors, including breastfeeding.

The petition is in response to a fear of a ban on manspreading, and the 1,000+ who’ve digitally signed it say that they’re the victims of misandry and sexism. The petitioners fear that the Toronto Transit Commission will put such bans in place, and that each man will be confined, legs and all, to a single seat and single legspace.

The horror! Let’s go to the petition:

People should have a common understanding about how much room they are allowed to use on a bus. That should not vary because of their gender, and if they need extra room whether for baggage, carts, walkers, canes, or children they should seek it as a special permission. This sets a very bad precedent as men opening their legs is something we have to do due to our biology. It sometimes can be physically painful for to close our legs and we can’t be expected to do so.

Sweet Suffering Succotash. Really? Someone is very large could have a problem fitting into a seat, ‘manspreading’ or not. I could see this guy having a problem.

Your balls aren’t that big. Jeepers.

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  1. Min says:

    Curiously, I have recently experienced a couple of crotch pinching episodes with a new pair of pants. It is painful. But the fix is easy. Stand up, you moron!

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