It’s An Absolute Mystery Why DC Metro’s Ridership Has Shrunk

I’ve discussed this before, but the stalling out (and even slight decrease) in the D.C. Metro’s ridership really isn’t a mystery–even though it occurs at a time where the overwhelming majority of new households in D.C. don’t own a car. See if you can figure it out:


I realize the Metro can’t shut down during the work week, but no one is going to use it unless they absolutely have to when trains are running only twice an hour. I’m surprised businesses haven’t raised a stink about this (especially since the Orange, Blue, and Silver Lines bring in tourists from Virginia).

Somehow, Metro is going have to figure out how to do better (maybe requiring the people governing the Metro to use it would be a good start).

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  1. NS says:

    Mike, you do realize that a frequency of every 24 minutes on each of those three lines means that there is service every 8 minutes in the core between Rosslyn and Stadium-Armory, and an average of every 16 minutes between Stadium-Armory and Largo, and Courthouse and East Falls Church?

    It’s not as bad as your hysteria seems to indicate if you look at the big picture.

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