One Thing Police and Protestors Probably Agree On

Guns. Over the weekend, two New York City policemen as well as a Tampa Bay police officer were killed by former felons. Who had access to firearms. I don’t know Florida and Maryland gun laws well enough to know if the killers (former felons) could buy firearms legally, or if they had to buy them on the black or gray markets (i.e., gun shows).

Either way, I’m pretty sure that most protestors and police agree that criminals should not have ready access to firearms.

Aside: Given that two armed police officers with body armor in NYC were gunned down without a chance, it puts the lie to the NRA’s notion that more guns are the solution, doesn’t it?

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4 Responses to One Thing Police and Protestors Probably Agree On

  1. Nah. They’ll just advocate for bigger guns (.600 Nitro Express, .950-caliber cartridge, Eryx shoulder-launched missile, etc). ALEC will unleash it’s “task force.”

  2. dr2chase says:

    Guy in Tampa (Tarpon Springs actually, where I went to high school) was just fucking depressing. Classic case of young-male-extremely-terrible-decision-making. Guy on probabation was fingered for violating terms, went to “bother” the person he thought had snitched on him, had loud music on in car which caused noise complaints and brought cop, resolved to avoid jail by shooting cop (or so I read on hometown-linked Facebook postings).

  3. Dbp says:

    Live in MD. People complain about how hard it is to get guns, but that’s just them being super god damn whiny. It’s quite easy as long as you’re not a felon and have money. You can walk into a gun show (as of 2 years ago) and walk out with an AR15 if it has a heavy enough barrel. The big barrel is supposed to be a detterent to rampages and only good for target shooting, But you can generally buy smaller barrels. Silencers are actually legal here to some extent. But that takes effort.

  4. Police are people too (also). And many think liberals want to take their guns.

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