The Washington Post Goes Full Hacktacular on Torture

Look at this photo with a Washington Post piece explaining why Democrats are so uncool to oppose torture:


That’s a picture of ‘dirty bomber’ Jose Padilla, a fucking idiot who actually believed this is how you build a dirty bomb:

The Dirty Bomb/Tall Buildings plotting refers to terrorist plotting involving U.S. citizen Jose Padilla. Padilla and his associate, Binyam Mohammed, conceived the “Dirty Bomb Plot” after locating information, derived from what the CIA described as “a satirical internet article” entitled “How to Make an H-bomb,” on a computer at a Pakistani safe house in early 2002. The article instructed would-be bomb makers to enrich uranium by placing it “in a bucket, attaching it to a six foot rope, and swinging it around your head as fast as possible for 45 minutes.

His ‘better’ plan was to rent a bunch of apartments in a building–in New York City–turn the gas on, and blow up the building–which is every bit as absurd.

This kind of shit masquerading as journalism is how we destroy the last vestiges of republican virtue. Shameful.

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