This Is the Horrifying Fiend Torture Was Supposedly Protecting Us From

Like I mentioned recently, this would be funny, except for the torture part. From the Senate CIA torture report (pp. 251-252; boldface mine):

The Thwarting of the Dirty Bomb/Tall Buildings Plot and the Capture of Jose Padilla

Summary: The CIA represented that its enhanced interrogation techniques were effective and necessary to produce critical, otherwise unavailable intelligence, which enabled the CIA to disrupt terrorist plots, capture terrorists, and save lives. Over a period of years, the CIA provided the thwarting of terrorist plotting associated with, and the capture of, Jose Padilla, as evidence for the effectiveness of the CIA’s enhanced interrogation techniques. These CIA representations were inaccurate. The CIA first received reporting on the terrorist threat posed by Jose Padilla from a foreign government. Eight days later, Abu Zubaydah provided information on the terrorist plotting of two individuals, whom he did not identify by true name, to FBI special agents. Abu Zubaydah provided this information in April 2002, prior to the commencement of the CIA’s enhanced interrogation techniques in August 2002. The plots associated with Jose Padilla were assessed by the Intelligence Community to be infeasible.

Further Details: The Dirty Bomb/Tall Buildings plotting refers to terrorist plotting involving U.S. citizen Jose Padilla. Padilla and his associate, Binyam Mohammed, conceived the “Dirty Bomb Plot” after locating information, derived from what the CIA described as “a satirical internet article” entitled “How to Make an H-bomb,” on a computer at a Pakistani safe house in early 2002. The article instructed would-be bomb makers to enrich uranium by placing it “in a bucket, attaching it to a six foot rope, and swinging it around your head as fast as possible for 45 minutes. Padilla and Mohammed approached Abu Zubaydah in early 2002, and later KSM, with their idea to build and use this device in the United States. Neither Abu Zubaydah nor KSM believed the plan was viable,but KSM provided funding for, and tasked Padilla to conduct, an operation using natural gas to create explosions in tall buildings in the United States, later known as the “Tall Buildings Plot.”

But the dumbitude is mighty, so mighty (footnote 1301, p252; boldface mine):

10090 (210703Z APR02) and CIA Document, Subject: “CIA Statement Summarizing Significant Information About Jose Padilla (21:10 hrs.- 8 June 02}.” For more information on the Internet article that recommended enriching uranium by “putting it into a bucket and twisting it around one’s head to enrich it,” see “How to Make an H-Bomb” and [REDACTED] 2281 (071658Z MAY 04). …According to the email: “Padilla and Binyam/Zouaoui had pulled an article off a satirical web site called ‘How to make an H-bomb’ which is based on a 1979 Journal of Irreproducible Results article. The article was intended to be humorous and included instructions such as enriching uranium by placing liquid uranium hexaflouride in a bucket,attaching it to a six foot rope,and swinging it around your head as fast as possible for 45 minutes. While it appears that Padilla and Zouaoui took the article seriously, Zubaydah recommended that they take their (cockamamie) ideas to (I believe) KSM in Karachi. It was at that point that KSM told them to focus on bringing down apartment buildings with explosives, (in other words: keep your day iobs).”

As a result of this devastating intel, we tortured this idiot half-wit to the point where he is now mentally ill. Worse, according to the report, the torture, as so many predicted, provided no actionable or additional information.

Monsters, the whole damn bunch of them.

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