Links 12/9/14

Links for you. Science:

A simple trick to improve your memory (this jibes with how I learned foreign language vocabulary)
New details on compact fusion reveal scale of challenge
Star statistician Hans Rosling takes on Ebola
The Creature Feature: 10 Fun Facts About Wombats
Fruit Bats Have Sonar Too (But It’s Not Very Good) (I’m a meanie, but large bats crashing into things makes me laugh…)
The new NIH Biosketch is here


What It’s Like to Raise 3 Kids on $7.50 an Hour
D.C. Council Votes To Ban LGBT Conversion Therapy For Minors
Gun-Humpers Awfully Quiet About 12-Year-Old Dead Boy Tamir Rice’s Open-Carry Rights. Huh.
The lesson of Eric Garner: No more get-out-of-jail-free cards for cops
Rolling Stone And The Debate Over Sexual Assault Reporting Standards (do we think when reporters talk to massacre survivors that they get all the particular correct?)
The kids are all right, the Post reports!
Fine dining at Harvard Law…
Why Is Washington, D.C., an Art Desert? (for the same reason LA punches under its weight academically compared to Boston–it’s not what DC does)
The racial divide in America is this elemental: Blacks and whites actually breathe different air.
Ted Cruz’s brilliant strategy to help Ted Cruz
To Pardon Marky Mark Wahlberg Is To Pardon Racism
Japan, Awash in Chaos
Eric Garner: The Unseen Heart of the Violence
We Must Stop Police Abuse of Black Men
Process Begins To Overturn Virginia’s Abortion Regulations

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