Well, Nothing to Worry About Then

Apparently, the global warming crisis has a simple solution (boldface mine):

The fact that half of Americans cite the end times as a cause of recent severe weather events suggests a kind of fatalism that would certainly lead to less urgency when it comes to issues like climate change. Even many of those who believe in climate change — and about one-quarter of Americans don’t, per the survey — seem to think natural disasters are part of something that is preordained.

In addition, 39 percent of Americans say God would not allow humans to destroy the Earth (53 percent disagree). So, apparently, most of those who believe we’re in the end times also believe God would intervene. Basically at least four in 10 Americans see little reason for a human response — or, at least, doubt things will wind up being catastrophic.

This is insane.

And the congregation responds: This another reason why we can’t have nice things.

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2 Responses to Well, Nothing to Worry About Then

  1. anthrosciguy says:

    One of the problems is the equating of making things damned inconvenient for humans with destroying the earth. Global warming isn’t going to destroy the earth. All out nuclear war wouldn’t destroy the earth. A giant comet or meteor strike isn’t going to destroy the earth. Any of those things, though, would make things bad for humans. For global warming specifically I like to point out that if we were just arriving on this planet the effects we’re getting from global warming wouldn’t be much of a problem. We’d set up our cities and manage our farming and fisheries based on the situation at hand. But we aren’t arriving now; we’ve got huge investments in infrastructure and food-getting that are not going to be working out for us due to global warming.

    Our long history of not acting sensibly in conservation isn’t helping either. A prime example is the mouth of the Mississippi, where we degraded the wetlands that protect areas where we’ve also set up some of our primary oil importation and processing facilities. Bad idea, and global warming is making it worse.

  2. jrkrideau says:

    IInsane? Well yes. At the federal level in Canada we have none nothing about global warming–our PM belongs to some nutty evangelical church out of the US. I am sure even if he really believe in climate change, well heck, the end times are coming so there is no point in doing anything re climate change

    More than once, I have either read or heard a climate denialist claiming that we don’t need to worry about rising sea levels since God promised Noah that “never again would he wipe out the world with a flood”, or words to that effect.

    However the idiots cannot even read and understand those simple words! God did not say that he would not drown Maiami or Shanghai or London; he just said that he would not wipe out all of humanity (minus Noah & family). Sheesh, if you are going to use a bunch of old myths to guide your actions, at least, learn to read with some comprehension

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