Links 11/17/14

Links for you. Science:

Three Generations of Citizen Science: The Futurist. Jessica Zelt’s database of bird sightings helps us understand how climate change is affecting North American bird populations.
Understanding Cowen Institute’s Botched VAM Effort (about education evaluation and the misuse of statistics; I would have explained it slightly differently, but agree overall)
Why high schools should let kids sleep in
Study shows vaccination leads to decline in pneumococcal disease and antibiotic resistance
How a $47 Shrimp Treadmill Became a $3-Million Political Plaything


Kevin Drum and the White Working Class
Go away, Jonah Lehrer: Stephen Glass, James Frey and the white guy literary forgiveness project. These days, deceitful writers can turn a profit off their sins almost right away. It’s a gross lesson (“…it’s impossible to forgive Lehrer, who is overtly profiting off his disgrace by writing and speaking about it.” Look, the guy styled himself after Malcolm Gladwell who is a horrible person. Would did you expect would happen?)
Callow, Grating, and Glib: The First-Person Fodder of Lena Dunham Inc. (don’t fuck with the old time punk rockers)
The One-State Reality: Israel’s conservative President speaks up for civility, and pays a price.
Against Productivity: This Essay Took Four Years to Write
War Nerd Blog Day 14: Four Blessed Years without Dixie
1961 Buick “Flamingo” with rotating front seat.
Bill Clinton’s Out of Touch Economically — and That’s a Big Deal
The Value of Whiteness: A lawsuit is being waged against the “wrongful birth” of a black child.
Ohio: The Hidden Purpose of Charter Schools
Senate Democrats Are About to Do Something Truly Stupid (Landrieu at this point is not needed, and she is partially responsible for hamstringing both the stimulus and healthcare reform. Not worth the cost)
How leading Tor developers and advocates tried to smear me after I reported their US Government ties
Obama Can Reform Dark Money With a Stroke of a Pen
The New York Times doesn’t want you to understand this Vladimir Putin speech
The Truth About Anonymous’s Activism: A look behind the mask reveals a naïve techno-utopianism.
So Long at War, We’ve Forgotten Where It Started and Can’t See the End

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