Links 11/16/14

Links for you. Science:

Lazy graduate students? (interesting contrast to ‘hard science’ graduate students)
The Ebola outbreak generated greater response from Republican lawmakers (this bodes well for the next Congressional term…)
What does it take to get your grant targeted by Congress?
Population Genetics Is a Precondition for Understanding Evolutionary Process
Why do I have such a large distance matrix? (“I personally find it comical that there is a need to justify having good data. Think about that. Go to your PI and ask them why they think you should submit a paper that uses data with a 10-fold higher error rate than the best method out there.”)


Extreme Wealth Is Bad for Everyone—Especially the Wealthy (very interesting)
The Postal Service Could Economize by Making Full Use of Its Assets
NARAL and Planned Parenthood’s self-defeating spin: Birth control ‘moderating’ helped Gardner win
Net Neutrality
Why Democrats Lost: It’s Not All About Millennials
Why the Sharing Economy is Destroying Prosperity
Law in the Raw
Silver Lining Department: Ohio Democrat Party Chairman Chris Redfern Slinks Off Into The Night
Angry homeless people and advocates say city, state should declare Long Island state of emergency (this is why you don’t let infrastructure decay)
Black, Latino males lag in Boston schools
The surprising reason why those 5 cent charges for plastic bags actually work
The Other is marrying
Students to Teach for America CEOs: You Are ‘Complicit’ in Attacks on Public Education

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