MAD BIOLOGIST NEWS–Publishing industry sources today revealed that Mike the Mad Biologist has signed a deal to publish Kierkegaard Was a Neurobiologist. Despite certain misgivings, such as the Mad Biologist’s inability to write a paragraph without using the word fuck, insiders tell MBN the book will be a collaborative effort with famous neurobiologist Yosi Ben Putz.

In a phone interview, the Mad Biologist said, “Sure, the title sounds similar to another book about cognition, but this original thinking and writing crap is fucking hard. Besides, if I plagiarize my co-author Ben Putz, it’s not really plagiarism, is it?”

The Mad Biologist added, “I think readers will be challenged by some of the original research. There’s an entire chapter devoted to how Bruce Springsteen is a huge George Bush fan and Joan Jett hates feminism, as fucking counterintuitive as that might seem.”

One industry insider commented, “This is fucking nuts. The Mad Biologist gets a book contract? Who next? Shingy? Jonah Lehrer?”

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  1. realthog says:

    Well, dang! When I read your headline I thought you actually had got a book deal, was cheering, was telling myself it was a must-buy, etc.

  2. Min says:

    Obviously you have to revise the title:

    Fucking Kierkegaard was a motherfucking neurobiologist, man, a fucking neurobiologist!

  3. AndrewD says:

    I think you could/ought to write a book with Comradde Phisioproffe

  4. I think “Heisenberg was Japanese” would be another good one.

  5. Cause tramps like us…

  6. rijkswaanvijand says:

    Reminds me a bit of Diederik S., who -after getting caught for frauding his way through his social science career- still gets regular writing and lecturing gigs, the latter including in higher education. And I think this is quite homologous to the way fraudster bankers -and the likes- are regularly treated.
    As such it seems reflective of a sort of cult of individualistic succes; a form of morality expressing the deepest regard for succesfull exploitation -of all and anything- for individual gains, regardless of the means and what they wreak and wreck along the way..

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