Links 11/9/14

Links for you. Science:

Why don’t bioinformaticians learn how to run gels? (excellent; must-read)
A Natural Fix for A.D.H.D.
“It’s Not Debatable”: Michigan State University’s perfect response to a creationist conference on campus.
Should the Government Fund Only Science in the “National Interest”? Texas lawmaker steps up a fight over control of research funding
Idaho Hospital to Employees: Get a Flu Shot Or You’re Out


What Should the Fox Say? (excellent)
Why Republicans Have Gotten Away With Craziness This Year
Modern typefaces vs. the Massachusetts court system: Why does one of the nation’s most progressive states do its legal business in old-fashioned Courier?
Giving money away makes us happy. Then why do so few of us do it?
How bad is it for Spotify that Taylor Swift pulled all her songs? (my respect for Swift just went up)
What I Did With My $427.76 *Highly Effective* Winnings (but teachers are union thugs. Or something)
Bi-Annual Tradition
The D-Triple-C is Dead to Me.
David Brooks: Wrong On the Effects of Microtargeting, Wrong For America
100 ex-generals to Bibi: Reach a Palestinian, regional accord now
A case for height restrictions (I would set it at 4-5 stories initially, but the basic premise is sound)
Kentucky Teacher Resigns Amid Parents’ Ebola Fears (we’re so screwed when flu season rolls around)
A Tiny Stumble, a Life Upended
Cellphone Companies Are Working to Track Your Every Move

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  1. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    O Noez! Conservatives will flip out. The US president apologised to a foreign head of state over US foreign policy.
    Reagan’s apology to Thatcher over Grenada revealed

    Oh that US president. No problem.

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