Links 11/8/14

Links for you. Science:

Scientists try to predict number of US Ebola cases (I think most of the estimates are high)
Turning Tail
HP’s 3D Print Breakthrough Could Push Rivals ‘Out of Business’
Ebola Could Deal a Death Blow to Africa’s Wildlife
Nigerian virologist delivers scathing analysis of Africa’s response to Ebola


Ebola Dominates WHO Vote in Struggling Africa Office
Ferguson no-fly zone aimed at media
U.S. Ebola Survivors Tread Painful, Lonely Journeys: Experiences of People Treated Trace Splintered Path of Ebola in America
Michelle Rhee’s favorite wingnuts: A look at the GOP candidates the education “reformer” is backing
We must still hate our kids: Philadelphia and “education reformers” fight demented war on elementary schools. No nurses, few textbooks, closed libraries: Money to urban schools is being starved, intentionally. It’s just wrong (keep in mind that the Philly school system has been under state control for years; reformers own this failure)
Andrew Cuomo Makes it Official: He’s at War With Teachers
Ebola in Dallas: Failure to connect data and story
What Heidegger Was Hiding: Unearthing the Philosopher’s Anti-Semitism
The New Loan Sharks
The capitalism question
The same drive through Cambridge and Boston 50 years apart
The secular stagnation hoax

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