Links 10/19/14

Links for you. Science:

Public Health in the Age of Ebola in West Africa
First on the scene: Emory University Hospital nurses discuss their care of Ebola patients (training is everything)
Lockheed says makes breakthrough on fusion energy project
Rats Aren’t Smarter Than Mice and That Actually Matters
Dallas hospital learned its Ebola protocols while struggling to save mortally ill patient


Abortion: Not Easy, Not Sorry (excellent must-read)
US public schools are better than they’ve ever been
Russell Brand: what monkeys and the Queen taught me about inequality (despite the title, very interesting)
Parrot Disappears for Four Years, Returns Home Fluent in Spanish
O’Reilly: CDC Director Is ‘Chief Propagandist’ On Ebola, Needs To Resign (no nation can endure half Fox News and half free)
​Washington Post Dismisses 500-Page Civil War Nonfiction Book As Girly
One-Third of Food Is Lost or Wasted: What Can Be Done. From our farms to grocery stores to dinner tables, 30 percent of the food we grow is never eaten. We can do better.
Are Covert Ops Compatible With Democracy?
CIA Report: The CIA Is Fucking Useless
Old Timer’s Day
Ebola Isn’t a Medical Problem, It’s a People Problem (also see “16 Members of Doctors Without Borders Infected with Ebola, Nine Dead: Workers have had inadequate help from international community“)
The only guide to Gamergate you will ever need to read

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