This Defines Toothless Regulation

Those from the mighty heights of American bidness are always quick to sound the alarm of ‘Too Much Regulation.’ And then we read this about the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (boldface mine):

The agency has also not made full use of its legal powers in investigating automakers, which include an ability to force the recall of vehicles and to issue subpoenas to obtain information and documents. In congressional testimony this spring, Mr. Friedman, the agency’s acting head, appeared to have limited knowledge of some of the agency’s legal powers and its history of exercising them. Under questioning by senators, Mr. Friedman indicated he did not realize the agency could issue subpoenas.

Asked by The Times how many subpoenas the agency had issued over the past 10 years, the agency did not offer a direct reply. The agency “routinely issues information requests and special orders” under federal law “to demand information and documents from auto manufacturers and automotive equipment suppliers,” it said.

But too much regulation, BARGLE, BARGLE….

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