Links 9/7/14

Links for you. Science:

More than one in three wild boar in Germany are too radioactive to eat
What’s missing in the Ebola fight in West Africa
Synthesis produces new antibiotic
CDC Director on Ebola: ‘The Window of Opportunity Really Is Closing’


The Most Important Figure in School Reform We Never Talk About (excellent)
Or A Thug For J. H. Blair
Why Middle School Doesn’t Have to Suck
Obama Phones It In for Labor Day
The right’s jobs debacle: Here’s how to bring unemployment down to zero
America is so over homeownership: Why the shift to a renting economy might actually be a good thing
Hidden Obstacles for Google’s Self-Driving Cars
Eighty Years Of Fergusons: The story of violent black protest in the U.S. is an old one — it’s self-destructive but it sometimes gets results.
Happy Labor Day. Are Unions Dead? An interview with Rich Yeselson, labor strategist and expert
Motorists have ruined England – and they need to pay the price
The True Story Of How One Man Shut Down American Commerce To Avoid Paying His Workers A Fair Wage
Big Brother is paranoid
The US has had the same arguments about teachers for 100 years
America is rapidly aging in a country built for the young

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