Raging, Raging Against the Dying of the Right

Yes, they are not like the rest of us (boldface mine):

Let me break it to the Republicans of Alabama, Mississippi and the like: your culture and your worldview aren’t the majority culture and worldview in America. They aren’t even close to the majority. That’s why you lose. That’s why Barack Hussein Obama is President. That’s why he got re-elected President while you were busy unskewing the polls in fantasyland. And that’s why Americans cast millions more votes for Democratic congressmembers in 2012 than for your crowd. That’s why gerrymandering and low voter turnout are the only thing keeping your political skins in the game–at least until the 2022 census, which looms less than eight short years away.

Watching your angry howls of despair, kicking against the pricks in the knowledge that you have lost the culture war and are continuing to lose it, would be amusing except for all the damage that you are doing–both to yourselves and the country….

This is not your America anymore, if it ever was. The Lost Cause is dead. Tara is gone and good riddance to it.

The greatest con the conservative movement has pulled (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?) is that they were ‘normal’ and the rest of us were the weirdos. Meanwhile, as they emerge from their hermetically sealed, self-contained wingnutosphere, the rest of the country is starting to wake up to what those of us who have been fighting them realized long ago: they are not like the rest of us. As they realize this too, they are lashing out that much harder.

So which gives first, the body or the lash?

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