Links 8/8/14

Links for you. Science:

Nasa validates ‘impossible’ space drive
UberX Drivers Might Never Get Any Better at Navigation
Ebola is already in the United States
Monkeys use researchers ‘as human shields’ to avoid leopards and big cats in the wild


Why the Children Fleeing Central America Will Not Stop Coming (must-read)
Not Pro Israel or Pro Palestine. No Either/Or. And-Both. I’m Pro Solution. Here’s why
Campbell Brown: Lame
The War Hawks Are Back, and They Still Sound Like Little Boys Playing With Toy Soldiers
The delusion of Hamas’ military wing
The Discourse Surrounding The Israel-Hamas Conflict Is Bearing Little Resemblance To Reality
The most brilliant business plan ever
Why It’s Time to Repeal the Religious Freedom Restoration Act
American Dream Fraud: Confession of a Stupid Idealist
Why Are Postal Workers Boycotting Staples?
Discipline for the Benefit of the Rich
Joe Klein’s Non-comprehension

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