Links 8/6/14

Links for you. Science:

The Original Geo-Engineers: How Beavers Can Help Save the Humans (or How to Save the Iconic West from the Cow)
A conversation on smallpox and vaccination with Dr. William Foege
On the ups and downs in biotech
Latest Ebola update from doctors on the ground in west Africa


What Exactly Does Campbell Brown Want? (excellent)
How Pearson’s Common Core Tests Are Designed to Fail Your Children
The Best Museums In D.C. That Aren’t On The National Mall
The map that shows the real problem
Why Do Our Elites Keep Behaving Like Criminals And Sociopaths?
An Unconvincing Defense of the Poor Door
The Kids Who Beat Autism
The Most Dangerous Moment in Gaza: What happens if this conflict comes off the rails?
It’s About the Lying
Paul Ryan is a full-blown Alex Jones-level conspiracy theorist
Guess I’ll Go Eat Worms: Lonely people are screwed. We desperately need other people, but studies show our brains can make us unpleasant company
Oz: ‘Lose-lose situation for Israel’: Israel’s ground offensive against Gaza is excessive, Israeli writer Amos Oz tells DW. But he also criticizes Hamas’ strategy, in which both Israeli and Palestinian victims boost the organization’s standing in Gaza.
Comcast Affiliated News Outlet Censored My Article About Net Neutrality Lobbying

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