Some Anti-Abortion Conservatives Have a Slight Jewish Problem

But, really, is there any other kind of synagogue (boldface mine)?

In the first few days of planned protests in New Orleans, anti-choice activists have disrupted the community by targeting reproductive health-care clinics, personal residences, and even houses of worship in the hopes of intimidating abortion providers and reproductive rights supporters….

According to reports, there was a protest staged inside the First Unitarian Universalist Church on Sunday, interrupting a memorial service for a church member who recently died. The anti-choice protesters denounced the denomination, and referred to the church as a “synagogue of Satan.”

It had to be a synagogue. Not a congregation or a church (it is a church). Nope. Synagogue.

This is nothing unusual for movement conservatives:

The Republican far-right definitely has a Jewish problem. In its most benign form, we’re good with money, in it’s ugly form, we’re the lost and the damned.

Like Charles Pierce, I despair for the rebranding.

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2 Responses to Some Anti-Abortion Conservatives Have a Slight Jewish Problem

  1. Jon says:

    To be fair, although “church of Satan” has a certain ring to it, “synagogue of Satan” has the alliteration going for it.

  2. Chadd Sheffield says:

    To be fair, there is not only an alliteration, but synagogue of Satan is a term that a sect of Jews coined themselves to describe a place of false teaching.

    So, I wouldn’t assume de facto anti-semitism. Just adopting previous, ancient terminology that fits with their religious text and faith.

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