Because Todd Akin and the Other Republicants Know Best

One woman’s reason for having an abortion in Mississippi’s sole clinic that provides abortions (boldface mine):

As she answers, her voice begins to shake: “Um, my husband passed away—he committed suicide. He committed suicide in front of his family. I already have one son with him, and I just feel very alone. I don’t have the means—the financial means—to raise another child.”

She presses on, fighting back tears. “Also, right now my mental state is not … appropriate for a young child. So I would like to address my mental health and seek out therapy and counseling before I bring another life into this world.”

Of course, those opposing legal and safe abortion are there to help:

Behind her, the escorts are wiping away tears, and the protesters shout their imprecations.

Enough of their past. Time for our future, one that believes women can make ethical choices..

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