“Defining the Possible Down”: The Rise of the Republicant

No, that’s not a typo. Athenae angrily expresses what has been rattling around in my noggin since 2009–while she’s referring to the Texas border crisis, it applies to, well, everything (boldface mine):

…the people out there who claim they love America so fucking much they just can’t wait to defend her from defilement by the foreign hordes? Those people sure do have a low opinion of America.

Our border patrol is bieng overwhelmed? Our health care system can’t take it? We don’t have enough housing, enough food, enough clothes?


Jesus God. Let’s fix it. If the problem is not enough people to handle the intakes then let’s call in the national goddamn guard. If the problem is not enough beds then let’s go find some mattresses. If the problem is not enough hotel rooms then let’s build some more hotels. If the problem is not enough hospitals then let’s hire some more doctors and put up some fucking tents, because I have just about had it with our defining the possible down to what won’t inconvenience wealthy white assholes. That ain’t much, it turns out. There’s not enough food? This is why God invented chicken that comes in BUCKETS. I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with us anymore.

It’s not like we’ve never done anything big before. This country sent men to the moon. This country won two world wars. This country used to goddamn airlift food to staving people we’d just defeated, is how great this country used to think it was. This country looked at insurmountable problems and unthinkable odds and said come on, bitch, bring it why don’t you.

And we’re going to say that we can’t feed and house and clothe some children?

We did big things, this country, and the only way we don’t betray our own best selves is to keep doing big things. Small things, like children who need help and homes and food and clothes and love and care? That shouldn’t be beyond us… We’re not better than them. But we should be better than this.

With so many problems, Republicants and their conservative Democratic allies always find a reason to not fix a problem. Unemployment? Titter in fear at the inflation bogeyman under the bed. Collapsing roads and bridges? Complain about a minor increase in the gasoline tax.

What fucking wimps.

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5 Responses to “Defining the Possible Down”: The Rise of the Republicant

  1. The Galtian Overlords do not like the weeds of social needs blocking the view of their privatized rose gardens.

  2. Charles Como says:

    Great Post! You are spot on! And this whole argument that we can’t afford these things is also complete bullshit.

    Either the politicians have no idea how money works, or they DO know and are using everyone else’s ignorance to not only do noting, but to actually reverse decades of social progress.

    I like your tone, keep it up!


  3. Min says:

    Hear, hear!

  4. Elena Rouge says:

    You fucking pretend radicals make me want to puke. Send a Democratic Congress to work with the Democratic President, and we can make some progress. Spend all your time masturbating, and the Republicans you empower will destroy all the good stuff.

    Thanks a lot, Ralph: a slogan for our generation.

  5. Jim Sweeney says:

    Didn’t anyone see True Blood last Sunday, or its mention on the Colbert Report? Two vampires prepared to crash a Ted Cruz reception at the GWBush Presidential Library in Dallas, and bought some duds at Needless Markup. The lady donned her slinky, sparkly dress and cried out “Oh my God! I’m a Republicunt!”

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