Links 7/22/14

Links for you. Science:

This Man Wants to Genetically Engineer Trees to Save the World
Insinuations, misdirections, straw arguments and obsfucation in drug abuse journalism
CDC’s lab problems have ripple effect on other outbreaks
Sharks Aren’t in the Great Lakes, but Testicle-Nipping Fish Are


Who Got Capped? What really went down in Massachusetts this week… (good read on the inside skinny on why the MA Senate rebuffed the education ‘reformers’–definitely won’t read this in the Boston Globe)
Megyn Kelly Misrepresented My Article About Contraception I’m an OB-GYN. She’s Not.
Did the Banks Have to Commit Fraud?
‘No Cellphones’ Lane On Sidewalk Was Stunt Fot NatGeo Show (actually, this is a great idea)
How America’s internet can become the fastest on Earth
Walk on the Water
Utah Man Arrested: Plotted Anti-Government Uprising, Planted Bombs To Blow Up Bridges, Kill Police
Was Iraq’s Top Terrorist Radicalized at a US-Run Prison? A former US military compound commander at Camp Bucca suspects ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s extremism was fostered (or bolstered) at the facility.
Netroots Nation is going to Arizona, Daily Kos is not (good for Kos)
The techno-libertarians of Silicon Valley should think twice about aligning with climate deniers

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